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Offcloud is claimed to be the universal downloading tool which should suit all your needs. One of them is torrent download which is why we are putting them under the lenses of truth. Are these claims about being a user-friendly and universal truth? Or is it just marketing?

We are Torrent Alternative and if you are torrenting you should know us. Our team of reviewers and tester is full of developers, coders, and graphic designers. Our reviews are sum-ups of all our tests and all our experiences. We see torrenting as the future of the internet and even as the revolution of downloading. It would be great if more people used it which is one of our main reasons why are we working on bringing more people into torrenting and why we are writing these reviews.

First glance

Their main storage is designed in a timeline. All of your downloads are listed chronologically and it is easy to access them. We would like to have the ability to rename them, search through them or sort them in folders. We see this as a place for improvement because it is hard to navigate through them if you have many files.

The whole webpage feels airy and we agree that it is a good looking one. We tested them on smaller screens to see if this design works on phones and it does. There are no issues with it and we found that as a good sign of customer care because the number of people who use a phone as the main device to connect to the internet is raising. However, the timeline is little more confusing and one of our testers reported that he opened the Proxy button many times by accident and he showed us that his unusual sized phone (Blackberry) had indeed a small link that opened the proxy settings while you tried to add a new torrent. But it is so rare, that we don’t count it as an issue.

The graphics are great. We have reports that sometimes it could be exhausting for your cache but if you don’t have an issue with the cache then you will be amazed by the good looking webpage. Another thing we want to mention is the sync cloud option. You can sync to Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, Amazon Cloud, and Microsoft Onedrive. And if you have a NAS server or want to use FTP/WebDAV, then you can also use the sync. There are more features like PDF downloader, IFTTT, Zapier, and Usenet which are great, but they are not really related to torrenting which is why we don’t go into them more.

Deeper stare

You can add your torrents by various methods. First one is magnet links, which are becoming a more and more popular option for adding torrents in the general. You can simply copy and paste it into the Instant subpage. Another popular method is to use the direct link which in general is a link that points directly to a .torrent file. Alternatively, there is the .torrent upload option. After adding your torrent, the fetching will start. This is the first phase of the whole download which depends mainly on the number of seeds, which is why is important for you to watch the seeds.

Their client works as it should, the only time you can experience issues is when you use private trackers as the source for your torrents. As is well known some of the private trackers have ridiculous limits on downloading which can hurt Offclouds torrent client. Downloading to your own device is also possible and we found out that in most of the cases is as you imagine. The only moments we experienced speed drops were when we tested downloading to a location geographically far from the Netherlands where we think their servers are. All our test support this claim.


As our space for this review is smaller and smaller, we must conclude that Offcloud is a solid choice when it comes down to torrenting. There are a few difficulties here and there, but if you pick this service you won’t get yourself a product that doesn’t work. We rate it 3 and a half star out of 5. If you want to find which alternatives are there, please, feel welcomed to read our other reviews.

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