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Premiumize is a torrent downloader that doesn’t work as a freeware. This allows their development team to focus fully on the premium experience for the one who pays for premium. Is it worth it? Is this premium really a premium experience?

We are Torrent Alternative, people who took their free time and tested all available torrent downloaders out there. We are developers, coders, graphics – but the belief that torrenting is the right step into the future unite us. It is important to spread the awareness of this technology that has a lot of potentials. If more people used it, the market will see a force that could reshape it. We are here to give you honest reviews and to guide your walk through a rabbit hole. Please, read the next paragraphs where we will dig deep into Premiumize. 

The specific approach to torrenting

They have an unusual approach to the whole service. As someone said, they go for a lot of good tools, but unfortunately, none of them is finished into perfection. You can do a lot with this premium account. We want to mention that you can connect your account to OpenVPN to create your “own” VPN hosted by Premiumize servers. From our tests, we conclude that the speed drop of this VPN is significant, which could hurt while watching any video through it. We have our office choice of VPN, but you can always try it. However, be prepared for the slow speed while using it. You can use Premiumize as RSS feed and we heard stories about RSS torrent download which can automate your downloads. We would like to see more settings for RSS like filters and different download folders on the cloud.

There is a Firefox, a Chrome and an Opera extensions that can use proxy servers provided by Premiumize and on a cherry-picked file hosting services you can download your content through Premiumize directly and without visiting their page for an automatically generated link. This makes the whole experience easy and quick to use.

File hosts and others

Speaking of downloading content through Premiumize you can use it as an aggregator service, that helps you to download content from a variety of file hosting servers. Most of the time you are saved at maximum two clicks, but some people like to have their things in one place which is the main reason for using your account this way. Downloading from these places has a trust score build into it. You have points that you use for downloading and some sites that are known for breaking the copyright are punished by a point multiplier which lowers the amount of content you can download from them. 

We tested using their webpage on mobile devices to see how flexible their design is. There were small issues with some elements of their design and we would like to see an improvement to it. This comes hand in hand with a harder learning curve but we know that Premiumize team is working on it and already working on upgrades to make their design cleaner. 

Torrent files processing

Adding torrents is simple and we are how quickly the fetching phase starts. The process of fetching looks greatly and eye-pleasingly. But we mostly care about the speed of it, because in today’s world, we want our files as fast as possible. This is truly dependent on the number of seeds and from our numerous tests, we can say that their torrent client is an average one. 

After fetching finishes itself, you can watch your video files via a simplistic video player (and if you downloaded it from the supported list) or download it to your computer. We know that their main servers are in the Netherlands, which means that users from Europe and North America will have the highest possible download speed because it depends on the connection between servers and computer. 


Rating Premiumize is not an easy task. Most of the features are in a good shape and we would rate them with 4 stars, but if we remember that this is premium only service (the free plan has access to almost nothing) we must take away one star. There is a certain feeling of clunkiness and the overcomplicated learning curve results in our rating being 3 and a half star out of 5. We don’t say that it is terrible or the worst one. If you want to read about alternatives, you can read other reviews here. After all, we are the Torrent Alternative 😉


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