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Torrentsafe is a simple tool that allows you to download torrents without any additional software. It is so simple that most of the time you use only one input bar. Are this simplicity and friendly learning curve accompanied with a good product? Or should you look elsewhere to fulfill your torrent wishes?

We are Torrentalternative, guys who just love torrenting and our mission is to make torrenting friendly and great again. That is why we gathered people of all professions and together we are testing all torrent downloaders. Because that can be the first step into the BitTorrent network for you. With more people torrenting, we would be happier and more companies would see it as a good alternative. The world with downloading that is more based on torrents is a better world.

User navigation

Torrentsafe seems like a project that thinks a lot about anonymity. The simplicity of their service doesn’t allow them to gain a lot of information and you don’t even have the option to create an account. If you choose to upgrade into a premium, you will gain a code that you can then input on this site for premium features. In both cases, the main point of interaction is the input bar in the middle of their website. Here you can paste a direct link, a magnet link or a .torrent file to start your download. This will also redirect you to your “My Files” subpage, where you can see the progress of your download and all your downloaded torrents. Under any file that is currently being downloaded, you see a button saying auto-download. Unfortunately, we were not able to use it. Anytime we pressed it, it went back to on.

Distinct features

The user interaction is limited, Torrentsafe is intended only as a downloader and storing files or sorting file is almost impossible. You can either download your file straight into your computer or you can generate a link that you can share with others to download this particular file. If your torrent is a video file then you get a stream option. Their media player is super simplistic without any support for changing quality or subtitles. It doesn’t have the best size when you don’t count fullscreen and you can not resize the media window which can be frustrating for someone.

Their design is mobile-friendly but it seems that mobile phones were not a priority. Which is why we can not recommend the usage on this mobile platform. It is a single-page app and there is a lot of things happening in one place. If we could suggest to their development team, we will tell them that changing the look of the main page would help them a lot.

A great feature for people with lower levels of English is that their site is translated into several languages. English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Greek, Dutch, and even Portuguese are here for you to help you using this service. However, if your native language is not included in this pack, don’t worry. It is so easy to use that you won’t be lost. And if you are using Google Chrome, you can install their extension to simplify your downloads.

Download speeds

How does their downloading stand in comparison to other choices? As we said before, this service whole purpose it to download only. We did a lot of test on both premium and free account, however, as torrenting is strongly dependent on the number of the seeds, the results can vary. On highly seeded files (more than 200 seeds), we measured the speed of 500 KB per second. Unfortunately, their torrent client has small issues with looking for these seeds, which means you will wait a couple of minutes before the downloading even starts. On lower-seeded files, we peaked on 126 KB per second per 35 seeds. The download from their servers is around the average line for most of the geolocations we have tried.


Overall it is hard for us to rank Torrentsafe. If we would be ranking the downloading functionality only, it would be a solid 4 out of 5 stars, but the lack of functions should lower this rating on 3 stars. Fortunately, we are fans of anonymity and we see that this all is done to maximalize anonymity of the users, which is why our final rating is 3.5 stars out of 5.


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  1. chrome says:

    hours of downtime, not reliable

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