Zevera review

Before March 2018, Zevera was independent torrent downloader with a large fanbase. However, this project was abandoned and if it was not for the new owner, Zevera won’t exist at all. Is this a newborn Zevera a good choice for you? Or would it be better to look for something other?

We are Torrentalternative and our passion is torrenting. That is why we gathered inspiring developers, graphics and people who see the potential of torrenting in one office to test all services that can show BitTorrent network to newcomers. Because if more people saw the beauty of shared downloads, the more this technology will be used. And that is what we want.

The new kid on the block

As we mentioned in the first paragraph, the Zevera we are reviewing is a completely new thing. The only thing that the old and new version have in common is a similar list of users. This new version is aimed more at premium users with features that look like a copy and paste from the main service of the new owner. The design is rather simplistic and it is easy to use. It works on mobile devices without any bigger issues but it doesn’t look that pretty as it should.

Basic characteristics

The main features of the new Zevera are torrent downloading, aggregating service and Usenet downloads. We will start with the aggregation service. You can use your account to generate a premium link for a few files hosting sites. On these sites, you will have slightly higher download speed and sometimes better download options. There is a trust point system that prevents you from downloading an unlimited amount of GB. Sites known for breaking DMCA have a lower trust factor, thus downloading costs more points, which means you download less content from these sites. In some cases, it is faster to download directly from these sites, especially if their trust factor is close to 1.

Usenet is the precursor to the forums we know today. It was (and still is) technology that has been built around sharing “news” in a “newsgroups”. There are a few interesting factors about this technology like that you don’t need a central database to store all “news” or that archives are always up for anyone. There are a few active Usenet groups, however, most of the users exchange this technology for forums and mailing lists. It is a nice touch for those who are using technology that popularized words Spam or FAQ.

Simple focus

Zevera aims to be a downloading tool rather than anything else which is why after downloading there is not much control over your file. You can not rename it, sort it into folders or even view it. There is also no streaming that would save your bandwidth and allow you to watch your videos without the need to download them into your computer. You can not sync your files and there is no antivirus check that would protect your own computer. Zevera has its focus on downloading. But how does their download stand after our tests?

Torrent downloading works differently than the usual download. On the BitTorrent network, we share complete files together with people who are downloading them. This act is called seeding. Without a seeding, you cannot download any torrent file. So as you can see, the results of download speed measurements can vary because they are directly influenced by the seeds. We did a lot of testing and the highest speed we measured was 5.34 MB per second for a file with 249 seeds. That is an impressive speed but the average value varies from 1.7 MB to 2.4 MB per second. The speed of download to our devices in our office was rather quick because we are close to the Netherlands where their servers should be located. However, this is subjective because your geolocation and your base download speed vary.


In conclusion, Zevera is a great download tool. However, if you are looking for something more, you are not finding it here. That is why we must rate them 3 stars out of 5 because of the comparison with other services.

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