Major alternatives that can replace Zbigz

Zbigz is a cloud network platform which allows users to directly store their personal data on the cloud servers. The data can be of any form such as videos, pictures, files, applications and music. All the personal data can be stored on the cloud network and as a backup storage and can be made private and protected through the services provided by the server. Uploading files to the cloud network can be done from any place where there is access to the internet. All the data uploaded on the cloud server is securely stored and made private so that it cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Zbigz provides download options to the users no matter what the ISP restrictions are of the particular user. The data can be directly accessed on the cloud server of Zbigz without the need to download the files to the computer first. Be it the videos or the music, all of it can be played directly which is a great benefit and reduces the need for personal disk space utilization.

Although Zbigz provides a host of facilities, there are certain drawbacks with the service, in that there is a specific speed limit above which free users cannot download data. The website restricts free users to 150 kbps which is pretty slow. The paid packages are a bit costly as compared to the alternate options to Zbigz and at times, it becomes a wise option to use the other options.

The other alternatives to Zbigz include Torrent Handler, Furk, File Steam and is a platform that allows the users to access the torrents directly from the cloud servers and that too at very high speed. The torrents are downloaded to the cloud server once the user wants them to and there is no further need to remain online.

The service allows direct access of all kinds of media files in HD and MP3 player, while the server provides HTTPS protocol which is secure at all times. is a cheaper and reliable option which allows easy access to data from the internet and saves a lot of time. It is a preferred method and the most commonly used alternative for Zbigz. has been a major platform for many users who do not find it convenient to use Zbigz and want an immediate and reliable access to videos, music, and is a service that is top of the line and best among all the alternatives that are offered for Zbigz. The customer service and client support is better and the file downloading through the cloud server is fast, trustable and is recommended by most users. is a service that is versatile and offers a lot to its customers and hence has been considered as a prime alternative for Zbigz.


Torrent handler

Torrent handler is a platform which allows users to download bit torrents at very high speeds, directly from their own servers rather than through the websites containing the torrents. The file is first downloaded by the service provider from where it can be downloaded at a higher speed by the user.

The files can be download using the HTTPS protocol by using any browser or downloading software. The higher speeds provide an incentive to users who do not have a high speed internet service and cannot download torrents at a reasonable speed.

Torrenthandler is one of the Zbigz Alternative

The benefits of using Torrent handler are many, of which the high speed download ranks at the top. This is possible because the ISP’s do not shape HTTP traffic but they do shape the P2P traffic and hence the download is made possible at the highest speed allocated by the ISP. The download does not require the user to be online or to use any kind of software.

The download through Torrent handler is anonymous so that the user does not face any security issue or identity theft. At speeds that range about 100 times faster than normal torrent downloading, the service is used by people and is certainly a viable option as an alternate to Zbigz.


Furk is another alternative to Zbigz which provides the users with the ability to stream media directly from the server. The server fetches the required video, music or any other file immediately once access is made and the user can then directly use the platform for the purpose. It also allows safe and secure storage of data over the server.

Furk cloud

The drawback of using Furk is the bandwidth limit of 250 GB every month. Though the limit is exceptionally large for normal users, some users may have higher needs at times. The disk storage space on the other hand, has unlimited storage capacity as long as files are from open sources.

File Steam

File stream also provides the ability to securely upload and store data on the server with complete anonymity at all times. The files are stored securely in a personal cabinet space which can then be accessed using the encrypted SSL connection.

Filestream, another nice Zbigz Alternative

There are several alternatives to Zbigz, with the major ones being listed above. Of them all, leads the way being the best while Torrent handler is also a good service and considered useful by various people across the globe. provides a lot more freedom and flexibility to the users and has a better cloud network which is fast, reliable and has a lot of data which can be quickly accessed.

Torrent handler, on the other hand, lags behind a bit and has a bit of catching up to do in order to become the prime replacement for Zbigz. Zbigz is becoming a secondary option with the improvement of its alternatives and may become completely outdated as the other platforms improve their services and network. The alternatives are a convenient method to safely upload files and then access them without the need to download and hence this is a major incentive for many users all around.

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